Questions and Answers

Why Now?

If the Buckeye Lake Dam has been there for 180 years, why are you just now installing a siren system?

Although the installation of two outdoor warning sirens has recently been completed, warning the region of an issue with the dam has been around for quite some time. Local Emergency Management Agencies have had plans and procedure in place for many years.

What does the siren sound like?

You can hear what the siren sounds like by clicking here.

When failure is happening or likely; “The Buckeye Lake Dam has failed or failure is likely, evacuate the area immediately.” Or for TESTING; “This is a test of the Buckeye Lake Dam Warning System. This is only a test.”

What if I have other questions that I can not find the answer to here?

You can direct any further questions you may have to Fairfield or Licking County EMA by phone numbers below or by email. Please click here to submit a question.